MO MATLI - Director Photographer Video Editor Content creator Camera operator

Mo Matli is a multifaceted creative with a keen interest in authentic storytelling and fitness.

Mo is known for her incredible visual sensibilities displayed in her photography and films that tackle social class, gender equality, and sexual orientation through her unflinching gaze on the human condition.

A strong believer in crafting work that connects people across barriers, Mo is an adept filmmaker and fitness enthusiast that breaks stereotypes. Drawing inspiration from people’s struggles and their resilient spirit, she is an activist and an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community.

A stranger to no accolades, Mo is a Mandela 100 icon amongst other recognitions and has had her work showcased in festivals across the world.

Mo continues to hone and better her craft in the advent of mainstream production as a young commercial director aiming to apply her calling to create motivating stories for brands and audiences that inspire social change, with beauty, originality, truth, and grace.

Her ultimate goal is to change physical, social, and economic insecurities one visual at a time. Preferred to be known as Mo, this exuberant and honest helmer strives to be a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

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